4-Way Pneumatic Control Valve (fits Coats Tire Changers machine 181986; 8181986)

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4-Way Pneumatic Control Valve fits Coats * Tire Changers machine 181986 8181986 This 4-Way Air Control Valve fits on many Coats* Tire Changers. Aftermarket Replacement valve replace for Coats *181986 8181986 This is the valve that is operated by the foot pedals in the front and side of the machine on many model Coats* tire changers. This valve can be in all foot pedals in the machine (table top wheel clamping jaw controls, Bead breaking arm control, and on all air machine it controls turntable rotation as well) This valve is fits in Coats* tire changer models: 5030A 5030E 5035A 5035E 5040A 5040E 5050A 5050E 5060E 5060EX 5060A 5060AX 6060AX 6060EX 6065A 6065AX 6065E 6065EX 7050A 7050X 7050AX 7055EX 7060AX 7060Ex 7065AX 7065EX 7660AX 7660EX 7665AX 7665EX

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