AIGUMI Inverted Reverse Windproof Umbrella

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AIGUMI Windproof Reverse Folding Double Layer Inverted Umbrella and Rain Protection Umbrella with C-shaped Hands Free Handle, Best for Travelling and Car Use Have you ever encountered such problems in rainy days? 1. For mothers, how to hold an umbrella when having baby in arms? 2. For business man, how to make / receive a phone call when you lift a briefcase? 3. For phone users, how to happily play with it when hold an umbrella and a bag at the same time? 4. For drivers, how to avoid the umbrella getting your car seat wet when you get in? 5. For passengers, how to avoid making others¡¯ clothes wet when you jump on a crowded bus or subway with an umbrella? Innovative Design Help You Solve These Problems: C-shaped Hand Grip: Holding an umbrella with your wrist, you can free your hands to make a phone call, to play with your cell phone, to hold a baby. Reverse Opening and Folding Design: It opens and closes in a reverse way compared to common umbrellas, so that you will hardly get wet when you get in/off a car. Stand up on its own: Easy to place, it can stand up by you on its own when closed, saving much space for you. Dual Layer Design: Successfully preventing car seat from getting wet, avoiding making others‘ clothes wet when stand close on the bus or subway. Water Repellent Fabric: Protecting you well against the rain, strong wind, snow, drip permeation and UV, etc. Specifications: Product Name: NewSight Reverse/Inverted Umbrella Fabric Material: Double-layer high-density water repellent fabric Rib Material: High hardness skeleton Control: Manual Package Contents: 1 * AIGUMI Umbrella

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Dimensions 32.28 × 1.97 × 1.97 in


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