Barton Vertical Charcoal Smoker (18″)

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  • Ideal For Smoking All Foods – Able to smoke all of your favorite foods, including cheese, vegetables and meats with the Barton 18-inch Charcoal Smoker. A water smoker can be used as a fire pit for cold weather, an adjustable barrel grill for grilling, steaming, baking, braising, roasting, two different heights of bbq charcoal grills for meats and as a smoker for smoking.
  • Dual-Tiers Smoking Racks – 18-inch Charcoal Smoker includes 2-steel wire racks that can be stacked inside the smoking chamber. Provide enough room to smoke fish, meats, vegetables, or even a whole chicken. It’s a great addition to an outdoor grill kitchen and ideal for making your guests a deliciously smoked meal
  • Easy and Simple to Use – The cooking Charcoal Smoker is easy. Light the charcoal, add some wood chunks, fill the water bowl & load fresh foods on the two interior racks. The vertical barrel design distributes the heat evenly throughout the cooking chamber and with small adjustments to the air vents you can control the temperature and the amount of smoke
  • Dual Air Vent System – It’s easier than ever to control the amount of heat and smoke in the Charcoal Smoker. The dual vents can be opened or closed in order to manage the amount of heat and smoke leaving the chamber. Lift the lid for easy access to foods as they smoke. It’s simple to maintain and clean-up is easy
  • Temperature Gauge – Lid-mounted temperature gauge is easy to read and allows for quick and easy temperature monitoring.

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Dimensions 21.75 × 23.5 × 42 in



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