General Tools 800-32 Brass Plumb Bob (32 Ounce)

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General Tools professional quality Brass Plumb Bobs have been a staple of the masonry, carpentry and surveying industries for more than 50 years. This retractable plumb bob is also equipped with a hardened steel point that has standard 10 to 32 threads; The tool’s hardened steel point is accurate to within 1/100 and is easily replaceable. Features a removable self-centering brass cord cap for easy cord replacement; Cap is used used with 5/64 inch braided cord. This plumb bob weighs 32 oz and is 7-1/4 inches long and 1-7/8 inches wide; Conforms to U.S. government manufacturing specifications GGG-P-501e. This pumb bob is machined of solid brass, fully polished and lacquered; Comes with a 10 foot long 3mm braided cord, an extra string and tip.

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Dimensions 8.88 × 2 × 2 in

General Tools


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