Genuine Oreck XL Buster B Canister Vacuum Bags PKBB12DW Housekeeper Bag by Oreck

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Oreck PKBB12DW Compact Canister Bags. 12 Bags and 1 motor filter. Genuine Oreck Compact Canister Buster B Bags.

Fits Models: Compacts BB-280, BB180 and MCV-160, BB180, BB280, BB850, BB870, BB880, BB900, BB1000, BB1100, BB1200, BB880AW and MV160.

The Oreck Vacuum bags PKBB12DW allows you to effectively clean hassle-free. Easy to replace so you can spend your time and energy cleaning.

PREMIUM QUALITY – This Oreck canister vacuum bags made from quality material to keep your vacuum safe and in working condition all the time. Great for pet owners!

DUST PROTECTION – Oreck XL canister vacuum bags include 2 layers of filtration. Double-walled construction helps trap dust particles Genuine Oreck vacuum cleaner bags.

FULL CAPACITY – Due to the unique design combined with the use of High-Quality fabric, Oreck compact canister vacuum bags allows you to use the full capacity of the bag effectively and maximally.


Additional information

Weight 7.8 oz
Dimensions 8.86 × 7.52 × 1.85 in



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