Hwebb Stethoscope Accessories Includes 6 Pairs Replacement Ear Tips, 3 Name ID Identification Tag Clip

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  • Package include 12 pcs replacement ear tips for stethoscopes, sufficient for daily usage.Made of PVC material, which are non-toxic material without odor, safe for people to use.
  • Through strict quality inspection, reliable material and light weight, can deliver sound well.
  • These earbuds are soft and lightweight, comfortable for wearing, featured with self-stretch deformation, can reduce the vibration, isolate the interference from external noise, practical and helpful when using stethoscopes.
  • Suitable for stethoscopes with metal parts,adapt to most of the instruments available on the market.
  • I.D. Tag provides easy identification of stethoscope.Locking straps to prevent it falling off or people taking it off.Perfect for an easy, decorative way to label and Identify stethoscopes!

Additional information

Weight 1.45 oz
Dimensions 4.72 × 3.15 × 0.79 in



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