Ice Maker fit Whirlpool Kitchenaid 2198597 Refrigerator Icemaker AP3182733 Gxfc

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for sale is a replacement moduler icemaker NEW and UNUSED. This is a replacement icemaker kit for Whirlpool part number 2198597.

This has a special ice stripper on it that helps to deflect the ice into the bin. The model refrigerators that this fits uses a PC board emitter sensing unit to determine when the ice bucket is full to turn off the icemaker.

The cubes dump directly into the Ice Bin on the Freezer Door.

This icemaker is for side by side refrigerators with Ice Bin in Door.

This icemaker includes one flat rectangle 4 pin connection that measures 10.5″ long. The cord is fuse protected.

This icemaker is designed for replacement only and does not include water valve or bucket.

Replacement for numbers 2198598, 626663, PS869316 and AP3182733. Send us your refrigerator model number and we will verify if this is the correct fit for it.

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