Jafra Royal Jelly Moisture Balm Advanced (30ml)

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Every drop of this innovative moisture dispenser, with natural Royal Jelly, intensively moisturises the skin with moisture and provides its anti-ageing effect, for revitalised skin and a sustainable younger look. Exclusive ingredients, Royal Jelly, optimises the vitality of skin Leaves your skin looking young and radiant look last for longer Rich Moisturising substance that is made of honey bee for the Queen Bee optimised the vitality of skin and leaves your skin looking young and radiant look last for longer Contains a complex of amino acids and B-complex vitamins Oryza Sativa (rice) extract- Sirtuin Activator, prolongs the life of the cells and helps to reduce the signs of time helps the skin like respond to young skin Slows the ageing of cells Cellspan complex with a unique complex of active ingredients, the effectiveness of the Royal Jelly significantly improved Shea Butter a natural butter, derived from the African Karité tree helps dry skin supple and soft again. For Whom It is suitable for all skin condition use a small amount to your finger tips and gently on the clean face. Then time of day and night cream. Recommended Usage As a result recommended cleaning recommended facial toner Royal Jelly Moisture Balm Advanced day or night cream

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