Miraculous Toys Set Toy Action Figures (6 pcs)

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This 6 figure set of heroes created based on the animated series will certainly bring joy and happiness to your kids. They will be absolutely happy to meet their catchy favorite characters and to play with them.

The limbs are moving parts. Four personages will have a backlit once you press a button. Batteries are included and a discharged battery is not a defect. Figurines can be used as an element of the game, a decoration for a cake, a decoration in the car, or a festive event. Be sure to turn on your fantasy to make your children more happy!

Heroes: LadyB, cat Noir, Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir / Mister Bug / Aspik / Cat Blanc), Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Tikki (Aqua-Tikki / Stalac-Tikki), Plagg (Aqua-Plagg / Plagglagla).

Figures may be shipped partially disassembled due to rough delivery by the freight company. Connecting the limbs with the torso will be very simple.

Additional information

Weight 7.05 oz
Dimensions 7.01 × 5.9 × 1.96 in



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