2019 Mazda Navigation Map SD Card (BHP166 EZ1K/USA/CA/MEX)

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The packaging and functionality are identical to OEM at a fraction of the cost. I’m giving 5 stars for the product itself – which is true to the stock/OEM navigation from Mazda. Shipping was fast, installation was easy, and it works exactly as intended – no difference from OEM. If you have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay with cell connection, the experience in google maps is much better. Easier to search for and find points of interest, easier to add destinations, everything is just easier. **The main benefit of this is nav system is that you do not need cell service**. So while it may not be as easy to use as google maps, it is a great backup and i find myself using it sometimes when i don’t want to connect my phone. I installed the mazda toolkit form Mazda today which allows you to update Navigation maps. There was an update in Sep-2020 (this product contains the 2019 update). I was able to update to the sep-2020 maps version with no problems and noticed in has more POIs in my area too. Overall, i’m pleased with the product and it’s certainly worth the ~$30 price here. (but not the ~$400 price Mazda is asking!)

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