Nia 2-in-1 Professional Smoking Gun Cold Smoker & Vacuum Sealer

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Combining both a Smoking Gun & a Vacuum Sealer, our handheld smoker is the PERFECT accessory for Professional/Home Chef and Mixologists alike. It’s a compact, portable, handheld device, used right in the comfort of your own home! This Smoking Gun is a handy alternative for that authentic Smoke House flavor.  Achieving that flavor with the traditional method is a daunting, time-consuming—not to mention extremely expensive task, which requires culinary expertise. However, this smoking Gun will provide you the ability to skip all the hassle and guess work; yet achieve deep smoky flavors and aromas to your food in minutes, all while going easy on the budget.You’ll be amazed at the professional results. The possibilities are endless for any & every type of cuisine. Since it uses only cold smoke to penetrate your choice of food, it will not further cook, reheat, or change the texture at all. There is no need to presoak the wood chips & you’ll love to experiment with different spices, herbs, teas, hay, or dried flowers. This device is quieter than ever and weighs just over a pound. Offers 3 varying speeds for precise control over flavor intensity. To use, just add the preferred flavor smoke chips, switch it on and light with a lighter/match. The extender hose will infuse smoke directly to your food sealed container or resealable bag. To use vacuum sealer function, simply switch the hose & follow instructions provided to remove all traces of air from the resealable bag. Preserved food can be saved for months in the freezer without freezer burns & intact with its freshness & flavor. Even save & seal prepared meals, leftovers or fresh produce in the fridge! To clean, disassemble without any use of tools, wipe with a damp cloth. Burn chamber is dishwasher safe. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Dimensions 11.7 × 8.3 × 3.2 in



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