Prefer Beauty Skincare Tools Sets with Metal Case (5 Pcs)

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Skincare Tool Kit Use Steps: 1. Preparing medical grade alcohol and cotton pads. 2. Wasing your hands and Select extracting tool: wide loop for large or inflamed breakouts, thin tip for cleaning smaller pores, extracting blemishes, etc. 3. Using medical grade alcohol pads clean all required tools. 4. Wasing your face with warm water, wet towel over face for 2-3 minutes for opening pores. Feature and Function: 1. Two loops each side: treating squeeze stubborn acnes, blackhead/whiteheads, pimples and fat granules. Professional designed for acnes treatment and moderate size remove blockage easily. 2. Sharp tip and squeezing loop: using sharp tip easily needles the surface skin of acne and then gently presses the other side loop on the area of acne, pimple or blackhead. 3. Triangular and squeezing loop: special triangular design removes acnes, blackheads and fat granules etc. Squeezing loop side is better clean up remained blockages after masking. 4. Wide and fine loops: wide side for squeezing big acne pores without painful and better for face treatment, fine loop is post-care blemishes and cleaning up remaining and better for nose care. Fundamental solutions 1. Drink more water 2. Avoiding oily foods in daily life 3. Don’t stay up late and keep in pleasant mood 4. Do moderate exercise 5. Maintaining facial cleanness and applying heavy makeup less package including: 1*packing box 1 *metal case 5*skincare needles. 1* tool instruction

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