Skooba Kokido Max Vac Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner (K563CBX/Gray)

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The Skooba Kokido Max is an automatic handheld pool vacuum perfect for cleaning your above ground pool. It’s a snap to assemble and efficiently cleans the water simply by connecting to your pool’s low-flow filtration system. It’d designed to work with filters that run at a minimum of 500 GPH in soft-wall, medium-sized pools. Because the Skooba Kokido Max vacuums and filters debris from your pool simultaneously, your filter doesn’t have to work as hard, preventing clogging and prolonging its life. The debris collects in a removable filter bag that comes out of the transparent twist-top chamber. The vacuum’s aluminum pole has 4 extensions and can reach a length of 7 feet 3 inches. The hose is 20 feet long, making the Skooba Max able to clean much farther than other jet vac-systems. It comes with a basic nozzle, a clip-on brush for scrubbing off dirt, and a wide pivoting head with rotational ball wheels that glide along the pool floor that all make cleaning the pool easier than ever. The Skooba Kokido Max is perfect for pools 8-18 feet in diameter. Start enjoying your cleanest pool ever with the Skooba Kokido Max.

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Dimensions 20.5 × 15.25 × 6 in



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