Superior Electric K38 Carbon Brush Set Replaces Makita (CB407), CB-419, 191962-4, 191927-6 and 195007-0

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Superior Electric K38 Replacement Carbon Brush Set. This carbon brush set replaces Makita CB-407, CB-419, 191962-4, 191927-6, 195007-0. Made from Japanese Toyo TANSO Carbon. Carbon Brushes are normally referred to as wear items and commonly replaced due to friction during daily use in motors. Superior Electric carbon brushes are made to last longer. These carbon brushes make sure your motor runs properly, and fix a motor that operates intermittently. This part is compatible with: Makita 4304, Makita 4304T, Makita 4305, Makita 4305T, Makita 4340FCT, Makita 4341FCT, Makita 4350FCT, Makita 4351FCT, Makita 6310, Makita 6407, Makita 6408, Makita 6821, Makita 6823, Makita 6823N, Makita 6823TP, Makita 6824, Makita 6824N, Makita 6824NA, Makita 6824TP, Makita 6825, Makita 6825TP, Makita 6826, Makita 6826N, Makita 6827, Makita 900, Makita 9046, Makita BO4556, Makita BO4556K, Makita BO4900V, Makita BO5030, Makita BO5031, Makita BO6030, Makita DA3010F, Makita DP3002, Makita DP3003, Makita DP4000, Makita DP4001, Makita FS2200, Makita FS2500, Makita FS2701, Makita FS4200, Makita FS4200A, Makita FS4200TP, Makita FS6200, Makita FS6200TP, Makita HP1200, Makita HP1500, Makita HP1501, Makita HP1620F, Makita HP1621F, Makita HP1640, Makita HP1641, Makita HP1641K, Makita HP2030, Makita HP2031, Makita HP2032, Makita HP2040, Makita HP2050F, Makita HP2051F, Makita HP2070, Makita HP2070F, Makita HR1830F, Makita HR2410, Makita HR2420, Makita HR2431, Makita HR2432, Makita HR2445, Makita HR2450F, Makita HR2455, Makita HR2475,, Makita JS1300, Makita JS8000, Makita N900, Makita UH5570, Makita UH6570

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Weight 0.128 oz
Dimensions 1.1 × 0.3 × 0.4 in

Superior Electric


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